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Snowman Christmas Hoodies Costume For Small and Medium Dogs

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  • 100% Brand new and high quality
  • What a great gift idea for the owner of a four legged friend.
  • A wonderful pet clothing made special pet designs that you will love
  • Type:Dog Sweater
  • Material:Polyester 
  • Season:Autumn/Winter
  • Color:Red
  • Weight:140G
  • Size:     123454          
Red Santa Claus,Red Elk, Green Elk
 XXS Back length 22cm/8.66"  Chest 24cm/9.45"  Neck 14cm/5.51" 
  XS  Back length 25cm/9.84"  Chest 26cm/10.24" Neck 16cm/6.30" 
   S   Back length 31cm/12.20"Chest 30cm/11.81" Neck 20cm/7.87"  
   M  Back length 37cm/14.57" Chest 36cm/14.17" Neck 22cm/8.66" 
   L   Back length 45cm/17.72" Chest 46cm/18.11" Neck 32cm/12.60" 
  XL  Back length 53cm/20.87" Chest 50cm/19.69" Neck 36cm/14.17"
 XXL Back length 63cm/24.80" Chest 64cm/25.20" Neck 44cm/17.32" 
Gray Elk
XXS  Length 9.84''/25cm     Chest 9.45''/24cm     Neck 6.69''/17cm
XS    Length 11.02''/28cm   Chest 10.24''/26cm   Neck 7.09''/18cm
S      Length 14.96''/38cm   Chest 12.99''/33cm   Neck 7.87''/20cm
M      Length 15.75''/40cm   Chest 14.17''/36cm   Neck 9.45''/24cm
L       Length 19.69''/50cm   Chest 16.93''/43cm   Neck 13.39''/34cm
XL     Length 21.65''/55cm   Chest 18.90''/48cm   Neck 14.17''/36cm
XXL   Length 23.62"/60cm   Chest 25.59"/65cm    Neck 16.54"/42cm  
Gray Elf Crown
XXS  Length 18cm/7.08''     Chest 25cm/9.84''     Neck 21cm/8.26''
XS    Length 22cm/8.66''     Chest 29cm/11.41''   Neck 23cm/9.05''
S      Length 27cm/10.63''   Chest 33cm/12.99''   Neck 27cm/10.63''
M      Length 32cm/12.60''   Chest 39cm/15.35''   Neck 34cm/13.38''
L       Length 39cm/15.35     Chest 48cm/18.90''  Neck 38cm/14.96''
XL     Length 45cm/17.71''   Chest 54cm/21.26''   Neck 42cm/16.53''
XXL   Length 60cm/23.62''   Chest 71cm/27.95''   Neck 55cm/21.65''
Red Snowman
XXS  Back length 18cm/7.09"  Chest 25cm/9.84" Neck 21cm/8.27"
XS    Back length 22cm/8.66"  Chest 29cm/11.42" Neck 23cm/9.06"
S      Back length 27cm/10.63" Chest 33cm/12.99" Neck 27cm/10.63"
M     Back length 32cm/12.60" Chest 39cm/15.35" Neck 34cm/13.39"
L      Back length 39cm/15.35" Chest 48cm/18.90" Neck 38cm/14.96"
XL    Back length 45cm/17.72" Chest 54cm/21.26" Neck 42cm/16.54"
XXL  Back length 60cm/23.62" Chest 71cm/27.95" Neck 55cm/21.65"
Note: Pls check the size of your dog before order,and kindly allow 1-3cm error.thanks!
Package Included: 1x Pet Sweater


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