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Funny Protective Elizabethan Collars for Kitten and Puppy

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Cute Cat Collar with Soft Anti-bite Edge Funny Protective Elizabethan Collars for Kitten and Puppy


Most customers need a recovery collar for the injured cat. (Of course, we want to spin our guest how perfect our products are) However, in order to avoid delaying the recovery of your pet, we are very objective to inform you of the customer's feedback.

Wound is on the UPPER body


  • It is really light, soft and comfortable. if the wound was higher up towards her shoulders chest area or face this would be perfect. Get this for wounds on the upper part their body (not including front paws).
  • I found it very effective for my cat’s recovery from ear surgery.


Wound is in the LOWER body


  • It helped discourage him from licking/scratching/biting, but it's not going to fully stop them as it's soft and can be bent down. If you're just looking to discourage and not fully stop all ability to groom, I think it's a good choice.
  • If your pet is resistant to hard plastic cones, you can try this soft cotton recovery collar.


✿1 x Cat Elizabeth Collar

S: suitable for head circumference: 13-25 cm/ 5.12-9.84 inch, weight: within 9.9 lbs
M:suitable for head circumference: 16-31 cm/ 6.3-12.2 inch, weight: within15.4 lbs
L: suitable for head circumference: 19-36 cm/ 7.48-14.17 inch, weight: within 19.8 lbs


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