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Hygienic Pet Wipes For Dog And Cat

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Hygienic Pet Wipes For Dog And Cat

DONO Pet Wipes is specially designed for pets.  It has slightly alkaline PH for refreshing skin care. Why slightly alkaline PH is so important? If pets use wipes with PH value inconsistent, the skin will be out of balance due to acid and alkali, which will lead to the growth of bacteria, creating odor and easy to get sick.

Sticky notes, the flip design of DONO Pet Wipe, is safe and convenient and it keeps more durable moisture. Its spun-lace no-woven fabric is soft, skin-friendly and elastic. Why do we use wet wipes for pets?  TO promote hair growth and prevent static electricity. It can reduce hair dryness and knot. So how to use wet wipes? Use the wipe on the body(nose, claws,hair and ears...), including the soft pads of your dog's paws after each outing. Remember do not to store in a warm or humid place. Do not leave with reach of children.



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