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1Why Would My Dog Need Diapers?

There are many reasons why you and your dog could benefit from using dog diapers. Urinary incontinence, heat, and cognitive dysfunction are all good reasons to turn to dog diapers.


Incontinence simply means no longer having the ability to control elimination. It can happen in our beloved pets for many reasons. Urinary incontinence can come about for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • A problem in the urinary system such as a bladder infection, tumor, polyp, or kidney stone

  • Weakend urethral sphincter due to a female being spayed (most common cause)

  • Overflow incontinence due to an illness that causes excessive thirst, such as Cushing’s

  • Developmental abnormalities in the urinary tract

  • Hormonal imbalance, especially in females

  • Age related issues like arthritis or spinal problems making it painful or awkward to position the body for elimination

  • Medication use that increases urine production

Intact Female in Heat

When female dogs who have not been spayed come into heat, a dog diaper is a very useful tool to keep things clean. Scientifically called “estrus”, heat is when a female dog becomes receptive to mating with male dogs.

She will have her first heat between the ages of 6-24 months and will go into heat approximately twice per year during her reproductive years. Heat will last about 18 days and during that time your female dog will release fluid from her body and have an increase in urine output.

Suffice it to say, you want to protect your furniture, rugs, and clothes from this fluid. I have always had my females spayed but if you are interested in breeding your dog, you can count on about 36 days per year of heat.

Cognitive Dysfunction

If we are so lucky to have our pet live into old age we may see their mental capabilities decline. This is called cognitive dysfunction or CCD. A form of dementia, CCD is compared to Alzheimer’s disease in humans. Along with changes in behavior, activity level, and sleep cycles, your dog may have accidents in the house when he has CCD. Experts believe that the dog simply forgets to go until it’s too late.

Product Details of Pet Soft Disposable Dog Diapers





Free Moving Tail Hole

Pet Soft Disposable Dog diapers are designed for female dogs with tails; the enough room on the back of the diapers can make sure puppies swing them tails easily

360 Safe Guard

With elastic Material around the waist and legs make diapers fit dogs great, without leakage, Pet Soft female dog diapers can help your home away from dog issues

Strong Velcro Stay Tight

Pet Soft Diapers for Female Dog have a single velcro on each side, which makes it easy to stay on and hard to slide off no matter how naughty your baby is

Moisture Lock Material SAP

SAP the main absorbent material, is the tiny particle mixed in the wood pulp; it will be several times bigger than before after absorbing dog's pee, and will lock the moisture in, preventing spread and backflow


How to Put a Diaper on Your Dog Correctly

Whether you have a male or female dog, you will want to make sure your pup is properly cleaned when changing a diaper. I usually use a chemical-free disposable wipe to clean the diaper area and then I allow the skin to dry completely before putting on a new diaper.

Make sure your pet is in a calm and submissive state when attempting to put on the diaper. I typically use a few treats to reward the behavior I am seeking during this time.

If you have problems with the diaper falling off, you can try securing it with a belly band or a doggie onesie. There are several tips for correcting this problem that you can try.


Male Diapering

Open the diaper and if there is a hole for the tail, gently thread your dog’s tail through. Make sure his penis is fully enclosed in the diaper and fasten the velcro, snaps, or loops.

Female Diapering

Just as with your male dog, gently thread her tail through the hole at the back of the diaper. Close the diaper and secure with the velcro, snaps, or loops.


How to Get the Right Fit
When selecting the size of your dog’s diaper, it’s important to accurately measure your dog’s waist. I purchased diapers based solely on my dog’s weight but they didn’t fit right because her waist was bigger than the recommended circumference for that size.

If you put a diaper on that doesn’t fit property, it may leak and you’ll have the same clean up problem you had before using diapers. A diaper that is too tight would be uncomfortable for your furry friend, a problem you definitely want to avoid.



Can I use human diapers on my dog?

You could probably get a human diaper to work if you were faced with some type of diapering emergency, but you won’t want to do so for long.

For one thing, your dog has a tail. So, if you want to use a human diaper for your dog, you’ll need to cut a tail hole. And while this sounds simple enough, it’s hard to do so in an effective manner.
The materials sandwiched between the diaper’s outer layers will tend to escape and attract your dog’s attention, and it’ll generally become gross and ineffective.

Human diapers are cheaper than dog diapers, but you won’t care about saving pocket change when you’re watching substances leak out on the carpet.

If you’re not interested in purchasing canine diapers, there are some ways to make your own DIY dog diapers at home.

How do you measure your dog for diapers?

Most male diapers rely primarily on a waist-circumference measurement for sizing purposes, but some manufacturers also provide a body weight guideline.

You’ll always want to heed the manufacturer’s advice, but, generally speaking, the waist measurement will prove far more helpful than your dog’s weight, so break out the tape measure and get to work.
Usually, the manufacturer will instruct you to measure your dog’s waist directly in front of his legs, but again, read the sizing guidelines carefully.

If by some chance you are not a seamstress or tailor with a tape measure at the ready, you can simply use a string to mark the circumference of your dog and then measure the string with a ruler.

How do you keep a diaper on a dog?

Most diapers utilize an elastic band or strap (either adhesive or Velcro) to stay snug. Just use care when picking a size, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a loose diaper.

If, however, you end up with diapers that are too large, you may be able to use a bit of duct tape, some type of clip, or an old belt to keep it in place.

Are dog diapers for poop? Or pee only?

Dog diapers are primarily intended for dogs who have trouble peeing, but they may work for poop too (obviously this doesn’t apply to belly-band style diapers for males).

They won’t work fantastically in this regard, but they’re probably better than nothing. Just be sure to change your dog’s diaper as soon as humanly possible if she poops in it.

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